Talismaanin Kennel

Talismaanin kennel

Siberian Husky and Kuvasz

The kennel name "Talismaanin" was given to me, Kirsti Parikka, in 2013. I'm a member of The Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Siberian Husky Club, Finnish Kuvasz Club, German breed club Kuvasz Freunde, Hungarian Shepherd Dogs Club, and Dogo Argentino Club Finland. Also, I'm memeber of SuKoKa (club of Finnish dog breeders). I have completed the basic and advanced courses for a dog breeder and started education to become sled dog testing official.

2020-2021 I'm a board member of Hungarian Shepherd Dogs Club

2017-2019 I was the president of the Finnish Siberian Husky Club

2016-2017 I was the head editor of the breed club magazine "Siperianhusky"

We got our first siberian husky, lovely Hugo, in 2002. Hugo (Zachariah Elijah-Blue Ewing x Sweet Sadie Mae Ewing) was imported to Finland from USA, and needed a new home at the age of 8 years. We adopted him and he had a good life with us until his death in 2009. Our first kuvasz, Bakari vom Quecksilber, arrived to Finland in 2014 from Germany. Our breeding is based on German/Serbian/Hungarian bloodline.

We participate in sled dog races every now and then - the first race of the team was in the spring 2013. We train the team mostly for MD races. In 2017, we placed 7/39 in Finnish MD CUP for 4-6 dog class.

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15.1.2023: Puppies born!