Talismaanin kennel

A small history of me and the kennel

This photo was taken in late 60's or early 70's in our yard before I was born. Esa Mäntysalo (kennel Ahtojään) visited my grandparents with his siberian husky, which gained lots of attention because of his blue eyes and spectacular looks. Of course, this was the first husky my family had ever seen.

Many years after this photo was taken, I visited Ahtojään kennel as a small child. I remember very well, how I spent the whole evening with a lovely husky who was staying inside the house, and, of course, I did not care at all about socializing with other people. At that time I already had my first very own dog, golden retriever Hero.

I grew up with Hero. At that time, we just enjoyed life - there was no need to go to dog shows or have any special goals or hobbies. Important to remember how valuable it is just to live with the dog! Friend's Welsh springer spaniel Hamlet in this photo playing with Hero. Those were happy days!

Again many years passed since these times... and Hugo arrived (2002). As I somehow knew huskies because my relatives had the kennel back in the 1960-70, the breed felt familiar. Hugo originated from USA, North Carolina. He had already several homes in Finland before us. He was highly intelligent, special dog - so I still wonder, why hadn't he found the right home before us?? Because of him, I am now here having this small team and kennel, and living with dogs of this wonderful breed.

A few years passed, and the time was right for another husky. And another... I have been very happy to study huskies of varying bloodlines which I have owned. All so similar, but at the same time different.

During these years, I have found two other interesting breeds, dogo argentino and kuvasz. In my opinion, they have something that is similar to huskies: they think and act using their own brains, without so much need to ask from the owner. Of course they are otherwise quite different from huskies: dogo argentino was developed for hunting big game (wild boar and puma), and kuvasz has a long history as the companion and guardian of Hungarian people.

We had dogo arentino 2010-2018. Time will show are we ever going to have another dogo. Kuvasz is here to stay and I have started a breeding program utilizing kuvaszok from Hungarian-Serbian-German bloodlines.