Talismaanin Kennel

C.I.B. FI CH IT CH SE CH HeJW-14 FiJW-14 HeW-14 FiW-14 HeW-15 FiW-15 HeW-16 FiW-16 FiW-17 NordW-17 HeW-18 FiW-18 FiW-19
Bakari Vom Quecksilber "Baka" "Bacardi"


Date of birth 2.1.2014 breeding database

Health HD B/B, ED 0/0, OCD clear, knees 0/0
Eyes free of inherited diseases (18/04/2016; 09/08/2017). PRA carrier.

Bakari's hip X-ray

Show results and titles

BOB, CACIB, FiW-19 /Finnish Voittaja Winner 2019

BOB, CACIB, FiW-18 /Finnish Voittaja Winner 2018

BOB, NORD-CERT, Hew-18 /Helsinki Winner 2018

RES-NORD-CERT, CAC (Best male 2) SE CH /Swedish Winner 2018

BOB, CACIB, NordW-17 /Nordic Winner 2017

BOB, CACIB, FiW-17 /Finnish Voittaja Winner 2017

RES-CACIB (Best male 2) /Swedish Winner 2017

Champion class 4/WDS 2017, Leipzig

CACIB (Best male 2) /German Winner 2017

BOS /UPK speciality show 2017, Helsinki

BOS, CACIB, FiW-16 /Finnish Voittaja Winner 2016

BOB, CACIB, Hew-16 /Helsinki Winner 2016

CACIB (Best male 2) /Swedish Winner 2016

BOB /UPK speciality show 2016, Lempäälä

BOB, CAC, CACIB, FI CH /Turku International 2016

BOB, CAC, CACIB, FiW-15 /Finnish Voittaja Winner 2015

BOB, CAC, CACIB, Hew-15 /Helsinki Winner 2015

BOB, CAC /UPK speciality show 2015, Turku

RES-CACIB (Best male 2), CAC, IT CH /WDS 2015, Milano

BOS, CAC /FCI Group 1 Raduno, Milano

BOB, CAC, CACIB /Tampere International 2015

BOB, CAC /Turku International 2015

BOB, CAC, FiW-14 FiJW-14 /Finnish Voittaja Winner 2014

BOB, CAC, HeW-14 HeJW-14 /Helsinki Winner 2014

BOB, CAC /Jyväskylä International 2014

BOB puppy /WDS 2014, Helsinki

BOB BIS4 puppy /UPK speciality show 2014, Hyvinkää

Bakari ca. 7 months; BOB-puppy - WDS 2014.

Bakari, 1 year 7 months; BOB - Hungarian dogs club speciality show 2015.

Bakari, 4 years 11 months; winning shows in December 2018.

Baka was born in Germany at Vom Quecksilber kennel. His mother and father are lovely Vajramani and Ugatos-Ursus Vom Quecksilber. We are extremely happy to have Baka in our family. He is such a lovely and intelligent boy! Thank you Mariette & Stephan!

We have the honour to publish Bakari's pictorial pedigree! These beautiful kuvasz males and females represent the great, far-reaching breeding work of vom Quecksilber kennel.

Photos and artwork © Mariette Hellinger