Talismaanin kennel


Kuvasz was my dream for a long time. In 2014, the dream came true! This is a wonderful breed, I think it is most beautiful of the big white ones. In addition, the movement is so great, kuvasz are really agile, their movement is clean and beautiful. For myself, maintaining the beautiful type of kuvasz is really important. The triangle shape of the head, the almond shape of the dark eyes, clear unmistakable gender, suitable height, not too big ears, a nice mane of males...

Living with a lifestock guardian dog requires responsibility, mental power, and an estate, where the dog can do the work that he is genetically directed to. When these requirements are met, the owner experiences something very special, as the dog is fully devoted to the family and would protect it for its life.

Breed information (in Finnish) can be found from the Finnish breed association of Hungarian shepherd dogs, and from the Finnish Kuvasz-club.