Talismaanin kennel

Talismaanin Lemmy Runs with Shooting Star "Lemmy"


Date of birth 17.3.2016 breeding database

Health Eyes free of inherited diseases

Working test results (REKÄ) JOH0, 44/60 points

Show results
Jun. EXC1, RES-CAC, Best male 2 /Mikkeli 2017
Int. EXC1, CQ, Best male 3 /Speciality Show 2017
Opn. EXC1, RES-CAC, Best male 2 /Helsinki Summer Show 2018
Opn. EXC1 /Mäntsälä 2019

Position in the team Team/lead

2016: Bred by us and stays in our kennel. Moderate size masculine-looking puppy. Character: independent.

2017: Lemmy has developed well and is very masculine young male. He has had some show success and also runs well.

2019-2020: Lemmy got some problems with his muscles during 2019-20 racing season and needed visits of dog masseur. He is running very well after the treatments but did not participate races. Dog photographer visited us in 2020 and we got some really nice pictures of him!

Lemmy puppy

Lemmy, summer 2017