Talismaanin kennel

Sissili Av Vargevass "Sissi"


Date of birth 28.4.2011 breeding database

Health 4.7.2014: Eyes free of inherited diseases, gonioscopy: healthy

Working test results REKÄ-YLE1

Racing test results 2 x REK-3

Show results EXC

Position in the team Leader/swing dog

Litters & Havok at Talismaanin kennel

Sissi is a lovely female. Sissi runs usually in the leading position of the team. She has already obtained praiseworthy score from the Finnish working test of sled dogs as a team dog (REKÄ-YLE1), and maybe attends the test as a leader in the future.

Sissi has a strong will and personality and she thinks she is the boss of all our dogs. However, living with her has been most easy: as a puppy, she seldom made any harmful destructions, and as an adult, she is very reliable. Sissi loves to sleep in bed and requires cuddling as often as possible.

Sissi is the dam our first litter in 2016. She is a perfect mother who takes care of her puppies and is fully devoted to them.

Sissi as a puppy with best friend Irma

Sissi (on right) with Glimmer, racing in DS2 kickbike-class (2013)

Arctic Trophy II (2014), placement 3/11 (Sissi behind Glimmer)

Sissi and her 7 pups spring 2016

Sissi 2015 autumn