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Pal Of Mine Guy Bell "Riki"


Date of birth 30.3.2009 breeding database

Health Eyes free of inherited diseases


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Position in the team Wheel dog

Riki is a strong and big male. He is a nice family dog and also part of my sled team, having relatively good motivation to pull. Riki is at best as a wheel dog in the team. He has participated one sled dog race (2015), but he is not a good racing dog.

Riki's speciality is to pull children in pulk! He could do that for hours, having meatball or cheese reward waiting in both ends of the lane. Riki enjoys also swimming during hot weather.

Riki is Kusti's nephew. He suffered from severe prostate infections and also had some problems with his testicles. Thus he was castrated at the age of 3 years.