Talismaanin kennel

Sleigh Ride's Goal is Clear "Kusti"


Date of birth 18.11.2005 breeding database

Health Eyes free of inherited diseases


Position in team Can lead, team (Retired after 2014-15 season)

Kusti was born in kennel Sleigh Ride's G-litter, which shared the same parents with F-litter born year before. The light red huskies of these litters have gained lots of show success.

Kusti enjoys long walks in the forest and loves food. He likes to pull (and can lead), but only if the speed of the others is not too fast! After breaking of cruciate ligament (2013), Kusti has recovered very well. The surgery was done by TPLO technology. His rear angulation is quite poor which most probably caused the accident. Kusti still ran sometimes after the surgery, but now he was totally retired from sled team at the age of 10 years (2016).

Kusti has never been shown, and was castrated at ca. three years age, because of bilateral cryptorchidism.